Courses and Learning Activities are non-credit, classroom setting learning opportunities to address foundational learning needs in the community.

We currently offer courses and learning activities for adults in the following areas:

  • Basic Computers and Smartphones

  • Money Management

  • Work Skills

  • English Language

These learning opportunities can be accessed through group learning or one-on-one with a staff member.

Please contact our office with any requests, or other learning interests that you might have.

All ideas are welcome!


  • All adults 18 years and over who reside in the Athabasca area

  • We welcome anyone who would like to develop and enrich their lives

Interested in
Teaching a Course?

The Words Work Literacy Society is looking for new talent to offer workshops that benefit community members in their skills development. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and skills with others contact us!

You will be asked to identify outcomes for the courses you would like to offer and a brief outline of the workshop.
We can help identify and strengthen our community's needs through education, linking to other resources, and raising spirit and morale

Charlene Brad, Program Coordinator